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11-14-2012, 07:16 PM
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Originally Posted by no name View Post
Man, I just dont get it. The playera hace said that the owners wont budge. The owners have been firthcoming in saying guey wont budge. So why the staredown? The newer fans dont care anymore and the old fans are cold. Marketers dont Sant to endorse an industry that is allienating their core market. That 50 percent is turning info 40 percent by the hour.

I understand why the playera are mad. The entry level, total year contracts as well as the other issues are unheard of yo this extent in other sports. The owners are making it fool proof because they are proven fools. They are demanding the playera save them from themselves and there is no give. Thats frustrating but the players still need to call in plan b and sabe the Sport. Mame no mistKe, its in the players hands to sabe the Sport over the next couple years until trust is built back up with fans and Marketers.
I get why the players are mad too, but at this point they're just cutting off the nose to spite the face. Even if they somehow get to retain the 57% deal (never going to happen) at some point real soon that will be less total cash then they would have gotten if they had just signed the ******* 50/50 deal when an 82 game schedule was still on the table.

Then you have guys like Cidiot Crosby saying it takes two to tango when the only serious counter proposal to the NHL's original proposal came from the effing NHL. You'd get a better chance of getting a deal ratified if you took Chef Boyardee ABC & 123 and splattered it on the wall then you would with the nonesene the NHLPA is offering up.

Seriously at this point I'm not entirely sure what's stopping the owners from saying '**** it", flushing the NHL and starting up the North American Hockey League.

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