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Originally Posted by Taco MacArthur View Post
The two bolded statements contradict one another.

The threads are there - go read them. Respect the effort that was put into this project (even if you don't agree with the result).

Yes, it's really hard to compare players from different eras. However, if you're going to do an all-time ranking, it's a requirement (as hard as it may be).
I don't want to divulge into every nook and cranny of the arguments, but I'm just curious to know the main pieces. There had to be a few main points that made some people vote those guys over Brodeur, whether it be winning percentage, teams, award voting, or whatnot.

I'm just curious as to what those arguments were, I'm open to changing my opinion, but I'm just curious to see the validity of the argument for those guys?

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