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11-14-2012, 07:20 PM
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Originally Posted by KingForsberg View Post
m still not quite sure what your point is. You asked me to imagine Yzerman going to Russia to play with Fedorov and if I think he would be a leader still. I said yes he would because he was a better leader than Fedorov and a better player. Fedorov may have been slightly better than Yzerman at times when they were together but that could be because Yzerman had already had his best seasons while Fedorov was in his prime.
And yet the issue has never been to rank Yzerman vs Fedorov "overall". I challenged the notion that the two should be as far apart on a rankings list as some have put forth, and I guess I still haven't really seen that defended.

Originally Posted by KingForsberg View Post
Why would you move your "elite" forward who is having his second best season to a defensive position? So one person said Fedorov could win a Norris. We've seen many GMs say things that aren't true. Dandenault was just one of many payers to play forward and defense. My point is that Fedorov didn't revolutionize the idea and wasn't some pioneer.
He didn't have to revolutionize anything. Not that many people actually get asked to play both positions, and fewer get unanimous acclaim for how smoothly and effectively they transition. Everyone noticed.

Originally Posted by KingForsberg View Post
You're right you didn't claim that. I asked you a question which you refuse to answer. Was Scott Hartnell better than Claude Giroux on offense last year? Or answer this. Was Kurri better than Gretzky in the seasons he scored more goals?
Those aren't "questions", btw. They're straw men.

Originally Posted by KingForsberg View Post
I prefer points because it accounts for both sides of offense. Why do you not value assists as much as goals? If you just look at goals it completely ignores the other half of offense. Why should playmakers be punished? It's ultimately subjective but it looks like your just choosing that few to make Fedorov look better on offense than Forsberg which just isn't true.
Well cool. That's a totally valid and supportable opinion, and I've never discredited it. When I suggest the possibility (nay, probability) that some might value patterned goal scorers over guys with similar overall points, you're the one trying to turn this back on me saying I don't believe in letting points speak for themselves - or that I'm "trying to make Fedorov look better"? You don't think Fedorov "looked better" on offense, and that's fine. I think he had the skill set best suited between the two to be effective in any era, with any linemates, in any role, and that's part of why I'd pick AND rank him over Forsberg. I usually take the guy who consistently scores more goals on the way to similar point totals.

Originally Posted by KingForsberg View Post
Now you try to insult me. How nice. Since you refuse to show me how Fedorov was elite for long time, at least tell me your definition of elite offense. If its top ten in goals or points Fedorov doesn't really have good numbers in either regard. So please show KingForsberg how Fedorov was ELITE for a LONG time. It should be easy if its already been said in the thread.
Well, given that we're talking about a comparison with Forsberg, who played 70+ games in back-to-back seasons only twice in his career, and essentially retired at age 34, I totally challenge you to define "long time", let alone "elite", and then hold both players to fair measure. I've already laid out my case for Fedorov at this point. I even used the word "elite" upwards of a dozen times trying to make it easy for you. Personal request: please stop referring to yourself in the third person, lol. It'll just get awkward.

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