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11-14-2012, 07:25 PM
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In addition to "omnishambles", Ken Jones also introduced the concept of "bundling" last night.

"It is a legal term even if it is something that I would use to tie up a pile of wood." ... classic explanation.

Question: Who is giving Ken this material? I don't think he came up with concept of "Attorney General/bundling/open meeting law violation" all by himself. It goes beyond his normal superficial rants. Elaine Scruggs? Norma Alverez? Joe Cobb? David Kimmerle? Rod Williams? Goldwater? Balsillie?

Glendale City Council Meeting
November 13, 2012

Taxpayer Mr. Ken Jones: Six more weeks... Six more weeks and what kind of council have you been? Glendale still has a black eye for your false dated financial reports. Many thousands of our tax dollars were spent on lawyers to defend you for that signing of documents that didn't have the proper date on 'em. Now, four more of you want to break the law again. You want to vote "yes" on a $320 million over priced hockey deal. Legally you cannot do that.... You need to hear this too Horatio... Four of you met with Jamison last week... have disqualified yourself... All four of you have disqualified yourself from voting on the Jamison lease... Those meetings were not a council action... they were individual actions by four of you. The Attorney General of the State of Arizona... his office calls that "bundling".... "bundling". Thats a legal term even if its something that I would use to tie up a pile of wood... but in this case "bundling" is a legal term... and it is illegal. You knew that that man was gonna wanting to do business with the company... you individually met with him and left some council members out... He didn't meet with some of 'em... Now the four of you must disqualify yourself from voting on that... or you will be committing a serious crime. Don't give us another black eye. All you need to do is leave this up to the next council and let them work with it. The people in Yucca district spoke loud and clear... that they didn't want this council to spend the money on the Coyotes. Joyce Clark only got 40% of the vote even though she is the incumbent over there. The same feeling is all over the city. You can hang your hat on the fact that at least 60% of the people don't want you spending that money when we need it for other things. Have a good evening.

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