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Originally Posted by Bender View Post
As far as blame goes, both parties are at fault but does Donald Fehr really think the average fan keeping tabs on the lockout is THAT dumb? "We would have been fine starting the season under the current CBA..." Oh really? You can't even show up for a 10am meeting until 4pm, I'm sure the league would love to schedule bargaining sessions in October only to have you show up in March.

As far as the 2nd part, I'm not sure I necessarily agree. Eberle is one of the best offensive players in the NHL. A $6M per year contract, isn't out of whack for what he's been able to bring to the table for the past 2 years when you compare him with others, so the only issue is that he's still only 22 years old. Pay him now or pay him later, you're still paying him. As long as you're not paying him a huge amount because he might potentially play at that level, I don't really have a problem with this.

In the end, Fehr is an idiot because the players are NOT going to win this. It's generally STILL the same owners who were there when the league shut down last time and there's no real indication that they won't do it again. If anyone on the NHLPA really believes they are well served by waiting this out, they are sorely mistaken and it's a huge miscalculation. When you think about an NHL player, this is what they do, this is ALL they do. When you think about an NHL owner, let's say Stan Kroenke, he's got a bunch of projects here an there. He likes having an NHL team but in many ways, it's like a of many that he has and if it goes on the shelf for a while, so be it. Now, obviously, that's an oversimplification but basically, I really don't understand how any logical, reason-minded NHLer can think of this any other way. The players just aren't going to win in the end. It maybe sad, it might even be completely unfair, but it's just the way it is.

There was an article yesterday on and quotes from Mark Recchi, who went through THREE lockouts and he's 100% correct.

Then I see retweets from players and media that Recchi should shut up because he's not a player anymore. Jeez guys, why don't you try to learn from his experience? He's got nothing to GAIN by saying what he thinks, it's not like the owners are giving him money to say this, it's just how he feels.
My Jordan Eberly point wasnt on the fact that the guy isnt talented and that he didnt deserved that kind of money , and yes to answer Ronaldo the owners gave him that kind of money and the 100 millions that they gave to the UFA(s) , just b4 the end of the CBA that dont look good at all for the owners . i will never argue that point .

My point with Eberly is that giving a raise of about 600% to a player , no matter how talented he can be is something that the NHL should correct. No argument there , every star players should and must be paid the right amount of money . But it's the way to get there that the NHL should work on , a 600% raise is to much .

Under the old CBA in 2004 , they NHL said that with a salary cap you will get a parity between teams . True in some way , but there are alot more work to be done . From a small market POV a 600% raise is scary as hell .

I know that i'm probably dreaming and it wont happend , but i truly believe that the NHL should do something about it , no matter how long it would take to fix this .

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