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Originally Posted by KaylaJ View Post
Fehr was brought in as an adviser to the NHLPA late summer 2009 (possibly in August) after he left his position in the MLB . I do not believe there was an exact date, but he was there in Kelly's final months.

Linky to an August date.

An SI article from July 2010 that also seems to gather he's been on the job for a year:

"It's difficult to predict who the next NHLPA executive director will be. The committee members seem to want former Major League Baseball players union boss Donald Fehr, who has been acting as an unpaid advisor for nearly a year."

Fehr retired in June of 2009.

The NHLPA brought him in in November of 2009 as an unpaid consultant:

The union announced Thursday that Donald Fehr, executive director of the Major League Baseball Players Association since 1983, has agreed to work with members of two new committees established by the NHLPA.
"Hopefully, my experience at the MLBPA will be of help as the NHLPA members consider the reorganization of their union," Fehr said. "You have an organization of professional athletes who are in a period in which they can use some help, and if I can be of some assistance to them in the process, given the long experience I've had, I'd like to try and do it."

Kelly was fired in August of 2009. Penny resigned Oct 31, 2009.

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