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11-14-2012, 07:38 PM
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If the league cancels the season in January, neither side will have any incentive to really start talking. Owners will have already lost their revenue. Players will have already lost their salary for the season. The only thing new that will come of it is that the players can stop calling bluff on the owners and will have to deal with the reality of actually losing a full season of pay and no longer potentially losing a season of play.

However, after the league dismissed the 3 proposals in 10 minutes, while a lot of players were pissed, many were urging the reps to get Fehr back at the table negotiating. Cancelling more games will probably produce the same reaction from whoever those players were that felt it was important to keep at it at the negotiating table rather than sit and stew over their proposals being dismissed in 10 minutes.

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