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Originally Posted by Czech Your Math View Post
Whose was more valuable offensively during that time? Jagr
Just to be straight, that value is measured by said players contribution to their team winning right?

So if I were to tell you that Gretzky's contribution to his team winning in 95/96 was almost equal to Jagr's contribution in 95/96.
Even though Gretzky only scored 102 points while Jagr scored 149, would you agree or disagree with that?

Or if I told you that Gretzky's 90 points in 97/98 was more valuable to his team winning than Jagr's 102 points were to his team the same year?

I mean as long as we are strictly talking value and only what the numbers say right?

Gretzky had more "value" to his team winning in 4 out of the 7 years (90/91, 91/92, 93/94 and 97/98) that they each played a full season (Gretz only played 44 in 92/93 and Jagr only played 63 in 96/97).

In fact out of all 9 years, only once did Jagr contribute substantially more value to his team winning than Gretzky and that was Gretzky's final year in the league.

Points/Total Team Goals
90/91 Jagr:57/342 16.67% Gretz:163/340 47.94%
91/92 Jagr:69/343 20.12% Gretz:121/287 42.16%
92/93 Jagr:94/367 25.61% Gretz:65/338 19.23%
93/94 Jagr:99/299 33.11% Gretz:130/294 44.22%
94/95 Jagr:70/181 38.67% Gretz:48/142 33.80%
95/96 Jagr:149/362 41.16% Gretz:102/256 39.84%
96/97 Jagr:95/285 33.33% Gretz:97/258 37.60%
97/98 Jagr:102/228 44.74% Gretz:90/197 45.69%
98/99 Jagr:127/242 52.48% Gretz:62/217 28.57%

I can play the "value" game too.

Originally Posted by Czech Your Math View Post

I have seen data that supports your conclusion, but until this conclusion can be verified and the individual factors can be better ascertained, further adjustment for quality/difficulty is not known to be necessary, nor can it be fairly applied if it is. I've mentioned a number of factors ITT that could be partially responsible, some of which would require no adjustment and some of which would help/hurt some players much more than others. Until these and other factors can be explore further, further adjustment may cause as much or more additional distortion as it does clarify things.
Wait, wait, wait.
Can you show me where Adjusted Stats results have been verified?
Show me the same level of proof and verification for Adjusted Stats that you're asking me to provide and verify here.
Are you actually asking me to provide 100% proof when you can't prove Adjusted Stats are 100%?

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