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Originally Posted by hockeywoot View Post

Everyone's different. If I were an NHL player, I'd prefer not to play in Canada either.
It doesn't make me less Canadian, it just wouldn't suit my personality.

If I feel, I can perform better while under less pressure, then why not?
Thing is though, it's not THAT bad. It's exaggerated. It's no different then the level of fandom you will find in the USA related to people and athletes with sports like football, and baseball to a degree. You don't see Americans lining up to get out of the country to play for Toronto because of media attention and/or pressure and popularity.

There are lots of different factors that come into play, it can be worse in certain markets. For instance, it's (the "spotlight") more severe in Montreal and Toronto when compared with somewhere like Calgary or Vancouver perhaps. Can't paint the whole country as uniformly crazy, using the negative connotations and descriptions that he did. THAT is ridiculous...

He doesn't have to enjoy or have to want to be playing in Canada, but he's donned the red and white whenever asked, and he still hasn't played in a pro Canadian market yet so he shouldn't really comment. The other thing that bothers me is the sense of entitlement and snobbiness some of these "good Canadian boys" have. Being worried about playing in Canada, oh God forbid! Where is the pride, the enthusiasm, the loyalty for smaller markets and home towns? It's frustrating when you see players from a nation of only 30 million make such comments.

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