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Originally Posted by patnyrnyg View Post
Actually, that would be a VERY stupid thing to do. What do you consider market friendly? $15/hr? Is that great pay? $20/hr? That's great pay?

In a business, loyal employees are a huge asset. If the cook knows you are paying him/her more than competing restaurants, you won't have to worry about losing him. Cut his/her pay and they will bolt to a competitor for a penny more than you are paying. Next you will say that fast-food cooks are a dime a dozen. So, you hire someone else. Spend time training the newb, but you notice the quality isn't there, or the possibility that he/she is stealing.

If the cook has been with you for 10 years and started at $10/hr and slowly increased with experience, then you don't mess it up. Let's say that person leaves for whatever reason, maybe you don't offer the new cook $25/hr, but the more you pay, the more picky you can be about who you hire.

Secondly, the cut in pay will spread through the rest of your employees. All of a sudden, they are questioning whether they want to work for someone who would slash a loyal employee's pay just to get in line with market rate, WHEN YOU ARE ALREADY MAKING MONEY.
You aren't making money... 3 teams are making money. 17 teams are not. Revenue sharing is not going to fill the whole gap, that is a dream.

And that isn't a great example I suppose because the cooks can't bolt here. Where are they going to go and get more money? No where. They are either at home unemployed or taking your pay. So I guess the guy telling the story about the donkey and grain was more accurate. Touche there, bad story example since it's not really apples to apples.

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