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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
Just to be straight, that value is measured by said players contribution to their team winning right?

So if I were to tell you that Gretzky's contribution to his team winning in 95/96 was almost equal to Jagr's contribution in 95/96.
Even though Gretzky only scored 102 points while Jagr scored 149, would you agree or disagree with that?

Or if I told you that Gretzky's 90 points in 97/98 was more valuable to his team winning than Jagr's 102 points were to his team the same year?

I mean as long as we are strictly talking value and only what the numbers say right?

Gretzky had more "value" to his team winning in 4 out of the 7 years (90/91, 91/92, 93/94 and 97/98) that they each played a full season (Gretz only played 44 in 92/93 and Jagr only played 63 in 96/97).
Once you reduce it to a team context, a whole host of other factors enter the picture. For instance, in '98 Gretzky's team had 428 GF/GA while Jagr's team had 416. So Jagr's team played in a slightly lower scoring context than Gretzky's... despite Jagr increasing the scoring context more than Gretzky did. That also doesn't figure the quality of the lower lines, the quality of the defense, etc. Really, ES goals and special teams goals should be separated as well.

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