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Originally Posted by kemisti View Post
Reg. peformance

Arcticicehockey also has pretty good graph on ppg averages in different age

Here is also some interesting stats.

Looking at 30+ goal seasons, here is how many of the top 100 goal scorers broke thirty at each age:

At 21: 45
At 22: 56
At 23: 63
At 24: 61
At 25: 63
At 26: 72
At 27: 66
At 28: 57
At 29: 61
At 30: 46
At 31: 33
At 32: 30
At 33: 19

Also from players who were top20 in scoring last season and were older than 26, some had had better seasons when they were younger.

Spezza was 22. As was Kovy. Thornton was 26, same with Pominville.

Though I didn't adjust with differences in league-wides scoring.
First, why is this only looking at elite players?
Second, this is out of date, and done during a terrible time period for any analytics.
Third, why are you only looking at goals? These things called playmakers exist.
Fourth, that data suggests that the current setup would see them get paid the most. Best season the year before payday.
Fifth, who cares if a couple of the older people had a better season in the past, largely as a result of who they played with at the time (and increased league scoring out of the lockout)? Going PPG or placing top-20 means you didn't drop off a cliff as claimed.

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