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11-14-2012, 08:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
Wait, wait, wait.
Can you show me where Adjusted Stats results have been verified?
Show me the same level of proof and verification for Adjusted Stats that you're asking me to provide and verify here.
Are you actually asking me to provide 100% proof when you can't prove Adjusted Stats are 100%?
I didn't ask you to prove or verify anything in that post, I was talking about how AS may possible advance for comparison purposes.

Listen, most likely neither of us is going to substantially change how we evaluate players. Discussion such as these are often most beneficial to others with perhaps a more open mind on these matters. Maybe some are unsure how to proceed... use raw stats and try to make numerous mental adjustments themselves... or use adjusted stats and make few (or no) further adjustments,

It's like if someone has a very vague idea of where they're going, but really don't know how to get there. Which is going to help them more?

Your method is like telling them "go down several blocks, make a right at a coffee shop, go about a half mile, make a left a block past the convenience store, go a couple miles, make a right across from the gas station with the guy holding a sign out front... etc., etc... then make a quick right at the burger stand, and it's three blocks down on the right." It may be a great route for some people, if they don't miss the important landmarks, otherwise they could get lost and have no idea where they're going.

I think the method which I and others use is a lot more explicit. It's like giving someone a map with the route highlighted, so that if they know where they're going and can see how to adjust their route if they make a wrong turn.

Perhaps in each case, we can only narrow it down to a block or two, and that person will have to take it from there.

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