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Originally Posted by sjaustin77 View Post
As to the bolded - Are you sure about that? Do you want to bring some facts to back that up? You know that there are things that are excluded from HRR right? Most owners make more than what they show on the bottom line - not less. Anyone here ever show more money on tax returns so they can pay more in taxes? Didn't think so.

Yes the owners are crying poor - have you paid attention to any of this. If they weren't then we would have a season. Only 9 teams lost money in both cash and franchise value last year and that is because they overspend their budget. How is that the players fault again?

A hard cap was on the table and the owners rejected it. You are right, it would have been a better deal for the owners than what they got. They were stupid for not agreeing to one and losing a season last time. They are stupid for not agreeing to the PA's 50/50 and make whole offer this time as well. The difference in offers is very little right now and the players want more revenue sharing. If this is for the good of the game then the players offer is better.

Only 6 teams lost money over the last CBA. Only the Coyotes, Islanders, and Blue Jackets any significant amount. That is at 54-57% for the players, overspending budgets, cap circumventing contracts and general mismanagement of their teams. The Coyotes could have been moved and their problems go well beyond paying 57% to the players, the Islanders are moving to Brooklyn, and the Blue Jackets have been horribly mismanaged. They spent as much over the cap floor this year as they lost and still couldn't make the playoffs.

Teams can always find a buyer if they are even somewhat well run and don't have major debt issues. The owners are the cause of any of their problems. Under the players proposal there are only 3 teams in their current condition I wouldn't want to own. Phoenix because they have been run into the ground. Dallas and New Jersey because they have debt greater than the teams value. I would much rather own any other NHL team than be a player. You will make more without any health risk, having to keep yourself in shape, etc.

It amazes me that people want to take from the players to guarantee profitability for billionaire owners because they can't run their business right. This is the players livelihood. This is a side business for many owners. It is obvious that some either don't care or don't know how to make a profit. If you want to take all risk out of owning a franchise, take from the owners not the players.

The CBA needs some tweaking not a major overhaul of everything the owners want. Change the front loaded contracts, more cost control on the 2nd contracts, more revenue sharing, move 1 or 2 teams.
Im not sure i get your conclusions... For the most part i agree wigh your analysis for the most part but then you admit theres many teams losing money and say its the owners fault... Then you say it doesnt need to change.

I dont get it... If the owners screwed up before why dont they need to change now ?

If 1/3 of the teams are loskng money why dont they need go change?

I realize the players ardnt asking for a change...and with good reason. theyve done amazinhly well. but why again dont the owners who screwed jp by their own fault need a change now?

Must they really be forced to never fix their mistakes?

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