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11-14-2012, 08:20 PM
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Originally Posted by saskriders View Post
Why does it matter if there never was a country. There have been Palestinian people for thousands of years, and the West bank and Gaza have been where they have lived for thousands of years. If Israel, (let's not kid ourselves, they have more power and international influence to make change happen) just let go of those territories, and Jerusalem was declared a neutral territory (similar to Antarctica) because it is not important to only Jewish people. Then that would tone down fighting a lot.

If nations should engage in ethnic cleansing, or as you put it expulsion, then maybe all the aboriginal people should kick us out of the Americas, Australia, and New Zealand. Not to mention "those other Arab countries" that you think Palestinians should move, should kick out all the Palestinians
Ethnic cleansing? Laughable. Palestinians or should we say Muslims who live in Palestine since both may be correctly termed Palestinian never accepted peace with the state of Israel and in fact instigated revolt and attacks on the Jews since before 1947. Ethnic cleansing suggests wholesale slaughter of a race or population. Quite a convenient term used by the left.

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