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11-14-2012, 08:23 PM
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Originally Posted by 5 Minute Major View Post
Right now, I'm not taking either side.

The owners need to get together, figure out what their best offer can be so no teams are losing money, and submit that to the NHLPA and give them a deadline to accept or reject the offer. They accept, then let the puck drop. They decline, make it clear that the season will be cancelled.

I don't think they have made the best offer they can. They need to do it and make it clear of what will happen if it is rejected.
I think the owners have already blown way past this point trying to get the NHLPA to be reasonable. Do you think what is currently on the table will make up the $30-40 M Pheonix needs to make a profit? That was probably not going to happen even with the initial proposed 43-57% split.

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