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11-14-2012, 08:33 PM
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The players will essentially get what they want, unless the marginal players are able to force them to settle.

If this goes into next season, the players will gain leverage. Yeah, most of them will be playing for less, but they'll still be making money. Meanwhile, the value of NHL franchises will be swirling around the bowl. "Hey, wanna buy my NHL franchise? We haven't actually played a game for a couple years... but it's a real good deal... just ask Uncle Gary! Uh, no we had to fire the staff... and not sure which of our players are coming back... yeah, merchandise sales are a little slow... don't worry about the lease agreement, we'll figure that out later."

Fehr ain't no dummy... and it wasn't the players pocketing franchise fees for a bunch of sun belt teams... or winning the battle during the last lockout, but still managing to lose the war.

Here's hoping for contraction, to get rid of some bad owners, marginal players (to the AHL), a better product and lessons learned all around.

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