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11-14-2012, 08:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Stix and Stones View Post
You never answered , why are teams selling for such a high price, because they lose millions per year. I see..
Nobody's going to sell any asset that can generate $110M of revenue/year, even if it's operating at a loss, for pennies. Just having any asset that can pull in that much money is worth in the hundreds of millions. You buy it, and then you lower costs. Which, in this case, means negotiating a better CBA. This isn't rocket surgery, man. There's not a strange smoking man hiding in the closet pulling secret strings. Any business that can command a hundred million dollars in revenue is going to go for a pretty penny, regardless of profit/loss.

If you're not convinced of this, go find a company that's lost money for a few years and try to buy it with what you have in your wallet. If it doesn't make a profit, it can't be worth anything, right?

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