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11-14-2012, 08:34 PM
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Originally Posted by seanlinden View Post
Like I said earlier, not gonna happen. You reward guys who breakout with your team with new contracts, not trade them away. Toronto will simply value Lupul significantly greater than Vancouver will. The guy is a point-per-game player for $4.25m in Toronto, the Canucks simply can't view him as the same.

He's gotta find his way out of favour before Toronto's going to trade / get rid of him. Burke (and any GM) would be wise to sell a player when he isn't overperforming for your team.

As a rule of thumb, in any deal, look for players who would be valued greater by their new team than their current. That puts a point-per-game #1 LW like Lupul out of the question, like Toronto's first line centre Bozak, and one of only two top 6 forwards with size in Kulemin. It puts a redundant winger like MacArthur, or redundant centre like Lombardi on the table. Continue to add pieces that should be undervalued by the leafs until you surpass Luongo's value to the Canucks, or the Leafs maximum willingness to pay.

If we're talking about Kipper as a UFA, we're talking a year and a half down the road....

Luongo may be more important to the Leafs in the immidiate, but it shouldn't take a genius to figure out that the Leafs outlook isn't the immidiate.

Schneider's absolutely got an edge, and Toronto's coming from a position where goaltending was an issue while Vancouver is coming from a position where goaltending is a luxury.

Personally, I don't see Kadri fitting in at all and I sincerely hope Burke finally cuts his losses with that one. Colborne is still a long term project, so of little concern in the immediate. Consistency amongst depth players isn't a huge issue when you consider that the Leafs have 6-7 guys reasonably capable of potting 20+, what is a big issue is size in the top 6. Kulemin & JvR are the only 2 guys who can provide that. Same goes for the likes of McKegg, d'Amigo and others. Find a spot for them when they indicate they're ready for the big show.

In a perfect world, JvR does find his way to Kessel's wing... but that's just not how it works in reality. Lupul was there until he got hurt last year, and they produced at a point per game. It's his job to lose... and you don't trade a guy who played that well for you until he loses it.

I think your biggest problem is that you seem to forget who the GM of the Leafs is. His name is Brian Burke, he's one of the most stubborn guys out there -- easily the type that will overvalue his own players and continue to build his young team rather than giving up young pieces to trade for a 33 year old goaltender who has a contract that he's been extremely vocal against.

He doesn't need to. Every year goaltenders become available. Right now, the plan is to stick with a 24-year guy who proved to be a high quality #1 goaltender until he got a concussion, and look for a short-term stop-gap solution to help ensure his success. If this season gets played and it's proven that Reimer doesn't have what it takes, then maybe we'll be prepared to pay a higher amount for a guy who's contract requires him to be the #1.
Question for you, seeing how you feel about Kadri and Colborne (my thoughts as well by the way) would you do Kadri, Colborne and a protected 1st for Luongo?

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