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Originally Posted by DirtyDion03 View Post
You tried to scheme points off some one after turning off your XBOX in frustration. It took my brother an arm and a leg to get Del Zotto back because you didn't want to take a roster player because EA messed up his contracts, and you even used Del Zotto while you had him off waivers.. What if he got hurt?

Then you try and deal quantity for quality and pretend like you have OCD over draft picks? Last time I checked in the HF draft, you didn't even make a single deal last time. And where does this OCD all of a sudden come from when earlier you were dealing your 1st away? Your stories don't add up and you're taking away the fun from everyone with your schemes to make your team better.

I didn't know Phion traded with the CPU as I'm hardly around on the weekends, but I've seen enough of your parade of silliness in this league.. It's seriously an issue.
Stop now please? Everyone has their own views on what to do after something, as said before people are competitive and hate losing. But stop calling BS on his OCD. You don't have it, and you didn't major on it. So he probably knows how it affects his daily life.
Originally Posted by FishManSam View Post
I've been diagnosed with OCD... Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, obsessing over minor details to fit something up to my "standards" I also obsess over my item placement, where I put my things. Keep insulting me though it's nice.

What excuses, I've not lied once, I've been forthright and honest with everything. Doing the trade with Carolina, my only intentions were to collect as many picks for this draft because I did a draft test in Be a GM and I know who to pick for this draft.

It's honestly so frustrating to have so many people just raging at me and just picking my posts apart. Hell, Phion was trying to collect 1sts from the CPU, if I had been doing that you guys would be all over me.

It's just getting ridiculous, some of you guys need to grow up and put stuff behind you. I haven't intentionally tried to harm anyone or hurt the "integrity" of the league.
I find this funny that one little trade of picks has exploded into a bit**fest, but calling a guy bs that he has something like OCD is just *insert expletive* imo, and I agree that like they are just garbage picks and it's 1/1000 that you'll get a player that does something with a 4th-7th. Can we end this though, I WANT TO TRADE! Sorry SB lol going to try to get your inbox filled :p

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