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Originally Posted by MtlPenFan View Post
On PC. I was on the :]Go[: clan.

I admit it was fun, especially playing against other clans, but it was all the in between stuff that was too much for me.
Ya, we didn't do any of the extra stuff. We would play with the "competition" rules and numbers occasionally, but we didn't schedule practice or anything like that.

Originally Posted by Til the End of Time View Post
yeah im with you.

i dont agree that video games have a tangible effect on social skills.

i read a recent article about playing chess becoming more popular (and even mandatory in one nation's schools) as an educational tool in europe, iirc. that's the sort of non-reading task that develops problem solving and critical thinking skills. i think something like that is much superior to video games for development of kids.

what about chess is better than what can be done in a video game? again, not dissing chess. I like chess. But Chess doesn't do a single thing that can't be done in a video game. What do you think of video game versions of chess? There is literally nothing that can be done with a chess board that can't be done with a video game version of Chess. They are the exact same game. In fact, the video game has the clear advantage because you can play with other people online when there is nobody to play in person. I can't think of a single advantage to "real" chess over video game chess. Not one.

And ya, video games are becoming a very social activity. Certainly more-so than reading a book. And again, I'm not dissing books. They obviously have a lot of value. I will fully encourage my kids to read. But I don't think books or video games are "better" or "worse" than one another because they each have very different strengths and weaknesses. I also think reading doesn't have to be limited to books. I don't read many books, but I spend an awful lot of time reading on this site every day.

Originally Posted by vodeni View Post
Thanks for clearing this out. Now I know. I was trying to be polite. It should have been worse.

In all seriousnes trying to justify or add value to playing video games, I will not be able to understand: social skills???problem solving, critical thinking.

I guess I'll just have to disagree, keep limiting my teenage kids to 1/2 hour a day, and make sure they develop their social skils, their problem solving abilities and their creativity through other means.
That's fine. Kids obviously don't need video games to develop or anything. Just like they don't need books. We can just agree to disagree on the value or lack-there-of of video games I suppose. I grew up playing video games and not reading books and I have done just fine. Somehow I have still become a good reader and writer. Probably because I still read all the time; just not books. Back when I was growing up, video games included a LOT of reading.

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