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11-14-2012, 09:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Ricky Bobby View Post
Wrong! Naslund finished 29th in league scoring that year with 79 points. I'm through arguing with someone who can't look up stats on
I edited that comment to reflect what I really meant more than an hour ago, how long ago did you quote me and Start working on that really short and completely deflectve comment?! Its also not hard to do some research and find bertuzzi was panned that year for mostly uninspired play, and was getting boo'd in every arena and was not a desired asset,That luongo and the panthers had a deal almost done long before the GM should have become nervous, and that that deal made Florida instantly worse and was completely useless. i don't know why you think I'm raging on big Burt, i always liked him, but he was a shadow of him self after the indecent, and for a few years a risky asset to aquire, that's also an easily googled fact. that trade was bad and history has proven that. even If you erase that injury season, he still only ever reverted to a 40 pointer on a better team one year later. and all that other stuff i said in my last comment that you ignored is all easily researchable fact. all ive ever heard you say is "71 points" like 4 times, i know, i was there, i saw it, it was unimpressive and inflated, and that trade was highly questioned.

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