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Originally Posted by Bleedred View Post
It amazes me the people who still think we play the trap. Not just fans, but players, and coaches. This is ignorant, and they have no business saying that. Aside from Lemaire when have we played the trap since the last lockout? Robinson's, and Julien's were not traps. They were half assed. Sutter was not a trapping system, but in interviews before games coaches, and players when asked the key of beating the Devils would say ''We gotta get through that trap''

I think Pacioretty or someone said that this year too. I remember some assistant coach of some team saying it as recent as this last season too. Scout our team when you're prepping a little better jackasses. Maybe it's the fact we're still one of the least shots against team in the league?
We do have elements of the trap, but every team does. A 1-2-2 is almost like the go-to system for any team, any team, player, or fan that says their team doesn't trap is lying through their teeth. They might not be as passive as other teams, but trapping a team in the neutral zone in a 1-2-2 format is essentially the trap.

The 1-2-2 format is essentially the easiest way to play defense in the NHL and the most effective. It's like the I formation of the NHL.

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