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11-14-2012, 09:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Docgonzo View Post
Yup 16-4 in the playoffs is the weakest cup winning team since the Canes. If Phoenix and St. Louis weren't that great, how come they got past the 1st rounds? If Chicago was so good this year how could they not stop the juggernaut that was Antoine Vermette? The Sharks lost 4-1 to a team that lost their #1 goalie, but yet beating St. Louis 4-0 is somehow a negative.

Phoenix also went on to beat the mighty Predators 4-1 after the Preds beat the Red Wings 4-1. So I fail to see the logic that Phoenix wasn't a tough team.

People need to get over the fact that the "traditional" hockey teams stunk this year and lost to 2 lowly teams from the South West.
Yeah, none of that counts. The Kings would have lost to all those other teams for sure, because, you know...mumble mumble...

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