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Originally Posted by Fire Sather View Post
I think NFL players being less greedy (or maybe pushovers) is more of the reason for labor peace in the NFL

Its pretty crazy the most successful, by far, sport in America has the players getting the worst CBA out of the major sports.

Is that a credit to the commish? Or is it because the NFL players aren't so greedy?
They barely have a three year career on average. They can't afford to lose 33%-50% of career earnings on 'principle' like the NHLPA apparently can.

Also, the NFL got it's league-wide revenue sharing and non-guaranteed contracts under very unique circumstances where teams were constantly folding so any leadership that owuld keep the league stable was welcome. The hard cap was added in the 90's with after a massive fight (actually I thought it wasn't that bad, I defer to guyincognito on this because I'm not a lifelong NFL fan).

The NFL also removes operating expenses from the total revenue before sharing it with the players. The players get certain shares of different revenues...for example they get 55% of TV/radio, 45% of licensed mechandising, but only 40% of local revenues.

It all adds up to a 48% of the football revenue. Compared to this the NHL players would be getting a deal at 50/50, however they spin it.

So to summarize:

-NFL makes more money than the NHL
-NHL players get more % of the money
-NHL players get guaranteed contracts, NFL does not
-NHL pension is better
-NHL career is longer

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