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11-14-2012, 09:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Pinkfloyd View Post
You might as well ask for Sting/Warrior as a WM match. It's not going to happen just because even with HHH wanting him, Sting has never trusted the company and there's no reason to believe that has changed.
True, true...but even now there are reports that Bruno Sammartino is open to finally being inducted into the WWE HOF, then anything can happen.

I think if HHH sells it as follows: A) Gotta let him know that while Vince is still "in charge" of everything, HHH is being groomed to take over for him, and has in fact taken over some more of the day-to-day operations.

B) And that any program with The Undertaker is going to involve a loss at WM, HHH can even point to himself saying that he did the job, but on the flip side, the whole program can last longer than just to have a One Match payoff at 'Mania.

C) Creative Control. This could be a big one. While Sting would most likely understand that even if he were to be given a WWE/World Heavyweight Title run, it wouldn't be necessarily a long one, and it'd only be given to him to put him further into the WWE Record Books. But the idea of being able to tell him that he'll have control over his character. That should be a major bonus for him, to ensure that he's not made to look weak like Booker/Whole WCW was during the Invasion angle.

D) The Fans. HHH should be able to sell the fact that the WWE has been REALLY impressive when it comes to DVD/Blu Rays lately. Their career retrospective, CM Punk's alone, are nothing short of phenomenal. And Sting has had a long and storied career. The WWE would be able to put out and market the HELL out of a Sting: Career Retrospective because they own the WCW footage. If he got Sting to think about that, then that could get him to come around too.

I'm not saying that I'm "getting my hopes up" about Sting going to the WWE, because it most likely will never happen. But if anything, HHH is showing that he has serious commitment to the business, and as much as I hated his character during the "McMahon-Helmsley" era/storyline (just because it seemed like he was in everything and always "going over" everyone), he could end up being great for the WWE once he truly takes over the company

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