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11-14-2012, 09:22 PM
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Originally Posted by cbcwpg View Post
Good conscience has nothing to do with it.

I quote...

Let me tell you something, Im a duly elected council member, Clark said last week on a Valley radio sports-talk show.

Yes she is. And one with a huge chip on her shoulder and is out to prove a point no matter the cost. My take... " I'm right and to heck with everyone else".
But she needs Knaack to follow her into the dark alley, and Knaack might be getting a bit nervous. In any case, if the remnants of city council do vote in favor of the Jamison lease, I think that is only the beginning of the story. We might see a flurry of legal and political challenges that will tie things up indefinitely. The first delay will likely be a petition to put the deal to a referendum. If that is successful, then the deal will be in limbo until the referendum. Meanwhile, I don't think that a legal challenge based on the gift clause is unlikely.

Jamison and the NHL had their opportunity to push a deal like this through 10 or 12 months ago. But because of the delays in lining up investors I think that chance has passed. They either have to come up with a real compromise for Glendale or I think that a local deal won't be completed.

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