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11-14-2012, 09:25 PM
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I fully realize I was overly hard on the guy back in the day, but Bob Sweeney used to drive me nuts w/ his bad penalties, and at the worst times. He went off my **** list when he crosschecked Ulf Samuelson in the face in full stride. I thought he decapitated him, but he didn't. Sure got an A for effort, though. Ref either thought Ulf was faking, felt he deserved it, or just didn't see it. Which was hilarious b/c he was looking right at it.

Brent Hughes. I remember the front of the sports section once had a full page picture of Neely destroying him at practice.

Travis Greene. Epitomized to me what we had an overabundance of, and what we obviously lacked. I suppose guys like Mowers fall into that same category in recent years.

Steve Leach used to drive me insane trying to go down the right wing boards w/ the puck. It was like target practice for D-men. You'd think the guy would learn to dump it in and make the D-man turn after being destroyed 15 times a game. Probably a bit of misdirected Cam Neely anger taken out on poor Leach at the time.

Rick Zombo. More like Rick Zombie. Nuff said.

Nilan in a B's uniform. Disgusting. That just didn't jive, and I don't care where you're from. Rick Middleton's hair plugs must have shot out of his head like missiles w/ the rage he felt. McSorley, too. More like McEmbarrassment.

More recent years I'd have to say Wideman. The guy could play a perfect game, but you knew at some point a massive brain fart was coming at the most inopportune time, erasing everything else he did right. It was torture. Corvo then replaced him nicely and delivered huge as a whipping boy.

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