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Originally Posted by Vankiller Whale View Post
Their goals for were above average. Their goals against was abysmal. I'm guessing that going from argubly the worst starter in the league to a 3x Vezina nominated goaltender would drastically change that.

Not to mention that free agents this year(Getzlaf, Weiss, Zajac, etc) would be far more inclined to sign with a team looking to contend now.

How does:


As a top-6 look?(Possibly sub in Lupul if a different package is used)

along with a D core of Phaneuf/Gardiner/Liles/Gunnarsson with Holzer and Rielly pushing for roster spots?

And of course, Luongo in net.

Of course, if Burke decides to stick it out for another couple of years trying to rebuild, Lupul would likely walk and try to find a cup ring somewhere. The year after Phaneuf an Kessel are UFAs. With no signs of on ice improvement or stable goaltending, they'd also be looking to find a cup ring. Lupul and Phaneuf would be almost 30, and Kessel likely wouldn't want to stick around wasting prime years.

Keeping with a losing atmosphere would be a huge mistake.
There's a thing called a cap, and with no rollback on the table from either side and a 50/50 split of revenues, that 'aint gonna work. A guy like Getzlaf, or Luongo.

It also looks a lot better with a $1.3m 25 year old young starting goalie in net. If you're Ryan Getzlaf, do you want to join a team with Martin Brodeur or Jonathan Quick in net? Of course, no guarantees as to Reimer's success at this point (which is what generates the willingness to commit dollars, years, and some assets to Luongo), but if you trade for Luongo, you help ensure he doesn't succeed, and there is a cap to just how much we're prepared to part with in terms of assets to do that.

Originally Posted by Liferleafer View Post are offering Mac (redundant for Van), Komi (seriously....negative value), and a protected 1st. It really wouln't take
much for FLA or EDM to better that. Even if FLA had to include a dump, Upshall would be way more usefull than Komi.
Not sure what makes you think I'm offering Komisarek... The Leafs actually need him with Schenn gone and Vancouver certainly doesn't. Another example of a player who is going to be valued higher by the Leafs than the Canucks. Upshall would likely be comparable to Lombardi, with an extra year on a contract in a year likely to be one where tons of teams are shedding salary.

You talk in theory about Florida or Edmonton coming up with something better... let's hear it, and then we'll truly examine whether or not that's better.

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