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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
Somewhere on here I was lamenting on the 67's usage of their OA/Import slots for a relatively well-off market... now with Wilson and Cardwell traded and Mraz gone home... well... it gets worse.

I don't know if they're throwing in the towel as much as they just had to deal with some discontent issues from Cardwell and Wilson who seemed to be performing reasonably well (some defensive lapses from Cardwell, "adequate" goaltending from Wilson given the general lack of support in front of him - but both basically meeting expectations IMHO)... anyway there is ample room for the team to try to ensure a playoff spot, at least, or to try to drive back towards the .500 level if they turn around and try to fill those slots. Monahan, Ceci, and Graovac are good enough star power for that if they were surrounded with enough of a supporting cast.

I'm not sure how good Windsor is? I've thought Blair has showed promise in some tough games, but he's not ready to be #1 yet... don't know if Windsor is good enough to hold them in?

Surprising moves there...
At this point, do you not think the 67's might be better off simply trading off some assets and going into rebuilding mode.

Traditionally the franchise has not done this. But, the question is, would it not be the smart thing?

Let's be honest. The 67's have drafted brutally the past few years. As of right now, they don't have any impact players from their 2011 draft. And 2010, it's basically Sean Monahan (who was a tremendous pick at 16). Gustavsen was a nice find late, but come on.

The 2nd round in particular has been bad for the 67's. Since 2009, you're looking at Aaron Taylor, Derek Hartwick, Peter Schinkelshoek, Taylor Fielding, Ryan Shipley, Mike Vlajkov (jury still out).

Odds are, Monahan is in the NHL next year. And Graovac and Ceci likely (almost certainly) in the AHL. What does that leave this team moving forward? Next year the team could be REALLY bad.

While I certainly can't see them doing it, they'd be smart to test the market for their big three, to try and get a few quality 1995's. The haul for all three would be quite substantial I would think.

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