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11-14-2012, 09:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Stars23 View Post
Remember how I schooled you guys when you were saying Fedorv had all these superstars all his international competitions and I caught the lies? And proved it

A shifts throughout the tournament, nd Bure + Fedorov didn't play with each other in either Olympics (I have all of russia's games) only on in a couple ofcaught another lie lol

International hockey stats over a 20 year span proves Fedorov is better than Forsberg Sakic and Jagr in National play. Period
The fact though that Bure was there (who was basically outscoring Fedorov) made it harder for opposing teams to focus their attention on Fedorov. They had guard Bure as well and when you have two great players playing on two different lines then it makes all that much harder to play defense against them. This means that Fedorov never faced the concentracted type of defense as for instance Jagr did.

Jagr was the best player in the world in 1998 and he didn't have the novelty to play with a Bure (or Fedorov) and he was being shadowed and followed and double teamed every time he stepped on the ice.

You didn't school anyone but yourself. You're getting caught up in your own poor arguments.

If you want to talk about individual awards...

Jagr has 5 Art Ross trophies, 3 Pearsons, 1 Hart (6x time Hart finalist).

What has Fedorov won to surpass Jagr?

All your arguments have been proven to be weak.

BTW what did Fedorov win Internationally (individually speaking)? Waiting, waiting?

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