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Originally Posted by Whileee View Post
But she needs Knaack to follow her into the dark alley, and Knaack might be getting a bit nervous. In any case, if the remnants of city council do vote in favor of the Jamison lease, I think that is only the beginning of the story. We might see a flurry of legal and political challenges that will tie things up indefinitely. The first delay will likely be a petition to put the deal to a referendum. If that is successful, then the deal will be in limbo until the referendum. Meanwhile, I don't think that a legal challenge based on the gift clause is unlikely.

Jamison and the NHL had their opportunity to push a deal like this through 10 or 12 months ago. But because of the delays in lining up investors I think that chance has passed. They either have to come up with a real compromise for Glendale or I think that a local deal won't be completed.
My question for all the legal folks here is what happens if the AMF is signed by CoG and then there are legal challenges? Is the contract still in effect while the cases are settled, or is it suspended until a resolution?

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