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11-14-2012, 09:50 PM
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Found old versions of Hockey Digest & THN Online

You'll need to have a library card or access to an online research database (if you're in uni then you can probably find this through your school's library site which links to several databases).

I've found full text versions of Hockey Digest from 1998-2004 (Nov/Dec the last issue I think) on EBSCOhost via my library's website (obviously you need to be registered with a library to sign on but you may be able to do so from home). Also found full versions of The Hockey News (scanned in better quality than Hockey Digest) dating back to 2006 on the same site.

You have to log in EBSCOhost via your library system assuming your library has rights to it then go on publications and find Hockey Digest (if you find it via publications then it'll list all editions they have). Then you navigate to whichever given issue. Open it as a PDF and navigate via the window on the left so you don't have to individually open up each article.

There are for sure sites other than EBSCOhost which have this magazine, I found another one which I can access through my library though it only seems to have 2004 editions. There might even be a free database research site somewhere which has these in a archived. Might take a bit of work but you should get there eventually if you have access to a library with the right database.

Anyways, feel free to share any other finds of magazines you guys can get and if it would be possible for others to access them. Btw there are three editions floating online from 1955-56 in excellent quality of a magazine called Hockey Pictorial which is now out of print. Try googling Hockey Pictorial torrent and it should be the 2nd search result.

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