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11-14-2012, 09:54 PM
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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
There are no guarantees in life Kriss. However, reasonable people make projections and live their lives where in a manner where they treat near-certainties as certainties and pay attention to odds.

The name of this board is hockeys future. The entire purpose is to estimate the future.

Did you have a preference between Obama and Romney? If so, why? There are "NO GUARANTEES".

The point here, is that a plan that solves none of the league's problems is more likely to lead to more lockouts than a plan that does solve many or all of the league's problems. I am not sure why you're disagreeing with this.

Definitely, I don't know if the odds of another lockout in the Bettman are 90% or 95%; I just know that it's very high, so I won't belabour the point by picking an artificial number.
We are just focusing on different things. I understand, and have from the beginning, that if they don't fix what they consider is the problem, then they will have to deal with similar issues down the road. That's fine, never denied it.
What I'm saying is that this doesn't mean it'll go to the NHL missing games again.
You seem to think it's almost certain they will lose more games and possibly a full season again over it. I rather wait to see what the CBA is, for how long and how the league progresses over that span.

Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
Kovalev and Hammer took us deeper into the playoffs then we had any right to go, and they no doubt increased regular season TV ratings. Don't worry about George Gillette. He's fortunate to have spent money on those contracts. He's a much richer man for it, probably by a few tens of millions.

Look at Kovalev specifically. 19 million over 4 years for 260 points, between 2005-06 and 2008-09. Now look at the other people who produced comparable production in that time span, i.e. his peers, the people you should evaluate him by. I'm very confident that most of them were paid more than him. If he's paid less than his peers, than he is underpaid.
Kovalev earned his money. He had one amazing year, and one crap year.

Anyways, let's just stop discussing this as it's going nowhere. Let's just end it as us both hoping hockey will be back this year, soon enough, and congratulate each other for keeping this a civil debate.

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