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Originally Posted by jack mullet View Post
the best players in the 80s and most of the 90s, were the best players by far.

todays game, on any given night, about 10 guys could be the "best player"

there is parody in teams, and parody in players. look how close the scoring races were this past season
Thats part of it but not everything. Players are cookie-cutter now. Everyones disciplined. Everyone plays some defense. Everyone is commited to the team system. Theres little individuality or flair.

I miss the days of a Wendel Clark scoring a goal and then beating up an enforcer. Or a Fleury scoring, agitating, then losing his mind and getting a game misconduct over nothing. Or a Bure playing a beautiful, individualistic game. Or a Shanahan or a Neely scoring 50 and getting 200 PIMs and being celebrated for it, not chastised for hurting the team.

Sigh... I feel old.

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