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Originally Posted by RaskY View Post
C'mon like you know what the expectations are in Ontario, you know that you can get into most universities with an 80+ avg, especially in the field you're going into. There's a reason you're getting an 85 in the first place because you're not an idiot. You know you're doing well in school with an 85 avg, you just chose to complain about it for the same reason you chose to complain about every other little thing cuz' you just can't go without that drama in your life. attention ******.

not talking about you lm lol just some people in general.
Personally speaking, school came very easy in highschool and my average was 90+ every year with little to no effort. Getting and 85 to me was a bit of a disappointment because I know I was capable of better. However, I agree that people who go about complaining about getting an 85 to others are just really looking to brag in most cases I think. Occasionally I would complain about getting and 85, but I would make sure to only do it to others who I knew also had a high average and similar standards to myself. I'm not going to go around complaining about an 85 to someone working their ass off to get a 70. Not fair to them and quite frankly it makes me look like a complete ass.

Originally Posted by charliolemieux View Post
Thank god . the reast of the Lounge is going crazy.

I'm still laughing at Messing With Sasquatch, and I've got a bag of Elastics and looking for Grizzly bears.
Thanks for worrying about me haha.

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