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11-14-2012, 10:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Sokil View Post
I'm fine with Bona taking a regular role with either 2B or LF; I like what he brings to the table on the field and on the base path.

Rasmus, while defensively okay, flat out cannot hit - and having Izturis on 2B full time (?) is practically a lateral move to keeping Kelly Johnson...

so we've got potential bums on first, second, and center. I know that in a perfect world, Rasmus finally 'reaches his potential', Izturis has an up year, and Lind isn't waiver wire fodder anymore....but that's a lot of finger crossing
Encarnacion is the 1B... But assuming you mean Lind (who should platoon DH), Lind hits righties just fine. His numbers suck when you put him in against lefties, hence the need for a platoon. He's not going anywhere, much as we might wish it, so you make best use of him.

You don't count on your middle infielders to produce, so with Reyes a very good offensive weapon, you're already above average down the middle. Izturis is not a big bat, but he gets on base better than Aviles would have, and he's best defensively at 2B.

And Rasmus absolutely CAN hit, he just doesn't do it consistently. I believe a season with Mottola will help, but even if it doesn't, you don't count on the guys down the middle for offence, so he'll be just fine hitting in the 6 or 7 spot.

Point is, none of these guys are bums. Used properly they're all at least average in their respective positions, which - given the plus players we have elsewhere on the field and in the batting order - is plenty good enough for this to be a contending team.

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