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Originally Posted by hitman9172 View Post
Ethnic cleansing can also mean expulsion of a race or group of people, not just the slaughter of a people. One can make a strong case that the Palestinian expulsion of 1948 was ethnic cleansing

New Historian Benny Morris basically says there's no doubt that Israel was engaging in ethnic cleansing during and after the 1948 War and that they should have done a better job because the Palestinians that remained in Israel have been a thorn in its side and essentially acted as a Fifth Column.

I'm neutral as to who's more at fault, but I've found most North Americans are more pro-Israeli even though Israel is just as much at fault(potentially even more) as the Arabs. The Arabs can definitely be seen as being too stubborn in their refusal to accept the existence of the Israeli state, but Israel's aggressively expansionist policy since the 1948 War has been a huge catalyst for the ongoing conflict.
Palestinian expulsion. Lets see. A portion left on their own accord due to the war (the war when the Arab league including Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, SA and all other Arab nations declared war on Israel hours after declaring statehood). A portion were kicked out, this I do not disagree. How many, were kicked out? Im sure someone here can supply those figures. Maybe not. So what percentage was it. And due to the declaration of war and assault on Israel, would or could this really be classified as ethnic cleansing. If were talking semantics, cant justified imprisonment of certain ethnic populations, just because they do not want to abide by laws be classified as ethnic cleansing. Im just talking semantics and being facetious of course because that what 'new historians' do.

The Palestinians will probably never make any agreement with Israel and Israel will never give up Jerusalem. Fact is neither side will probably agree to terms as much as the kumbayahs here think they should or might.

Borders have changed throughout history and will continue to change. Thats a fact. Just depends who can hold said territories either by peaceful negotiations, militarily or otherwise.

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