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Originally Posted by Frenchy View Post
My Jordan Eberly point wasnt on the fact that the guy isnt talented and that he didnt deserved that kind of money , and yes to answer Ronaldo the owners gave him that kind of money and the 100 millions that they gave to the UFA(s) , just b4 the end of the CBA that dont look good at all for the owners . i will never argue that point .

My point with Eberly is that giving a raise of about 600% to a player , no matter how talented he can be is something that the NHL should correct. No argument there , every star players should and must be paid the right amount of money . But it's the way to get there that the NHL should work on , a 600% raise is to much .

Under the old CBA in 2004 , they NHL said that with a salary cap you will get a parity between teams . True in some way , but there are alot more work to be done . From a small market POV a 600% raise is scary as hell .

I know that i'm probably dreaming and it wont happend , but i truly believe that the NHL should do something about it , no matter how long it would take to fix this .
Ok thanks for clearing up what you were saying.

I think that the rookie cap that was put in place during the '95 lockout has a direct impact on this. If that wasn't in place, we'd still be seeing 1st round picks signed for multi-million dollar deals, much like the other sports leagues. While the top 5 picks still usually get massive bonus opportunities, it usually doesn't happen for guys picked lower in the first round and later.

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