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11-14-2012, 10:08 PM
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Originally Posted by hawksfan50 View Post
I saw Kane destroy the OHL in his Jr. days in London- but he had a stacked team and his line mates wre lest you forget Sam Gagner and Sergei sure Kane put up 145 pts that year but Kostitsyn had 131 and Gagner had 118 (including 83 assists tying him with Kane in assists)--so that was a SUPER LINE --you could not say KANE alone "shone" ...

I am not saying Hinostroza could or could not have done that in the OHL at age 18 -but if he had such talented linemates and got the minutes and featured PP time kane did-maybe he could. He skates as well as Kane..his shot is better. The assists would have also piled up if playing with 2 talents like Gagner and Kostitsyn..

I can tell you that --even despite Kanes great offense in Llondon-I still questioned his defensive abilities or lack of --including DESIRE to check and play hard 2 ways ..I GUARANTEE HINOSTROZA is not a slacker in that area...

ALSO--HINOSTROZA was 5 months younger than Kane in his draft year.. for some kids whther you were born in th Fall of your draft year or in the Spring IS a big factor in where your development stage is -so it is a bit unfair comparing on 'the same year" basis given the age difference..

IN any case -it matters nothing what HINOSTROZA did last year-the fact is he has PROGRESSED to a higher level THIS YEAR ...I'm not sure KANe ever got back to his "magic hands" level of the London year looked like he could score 40 goals in the NHL -but as we have seen --whle his passing has remained "elite" his goal scoring is at best good but not elite level .the magic hands do not seem to translate into filling the net as we all were led to believe by the expert scouts. As to Kane's defensive lay-it did get better- again no where near what we would like -but I guess at least acceptable..oVERALL a $6.3 million a year player_I guess with hockey salary inflation maybe alas he is worth that (because if he was a 100 point player (let alone the 88 we expected AT LEAST but got only 66 last year) then Rocky would need to pay Kane $10 million a year -it seems today you get $1million for every ten points or near that ...

ALSO --KANE was the first overall pick in his draft --you EXPECT "GREATNESS" from first overall expect NOTHING from 6th rounders ...yet WHATEVER we get from HINOSTROZA loloks like a BONUS --and so how can you dare criticize his awesome performance at the WJAC --it is hard to imagine KANE doing any better
--and nobody but an insamne coach would ever use Kane on the PK -so I don't see that VH's "value" is diminished by your statistical comparison of Kane's draft year(in the oHL) to Hinostroza's draft year (in the USHL) ... and yes KANE made the NHL rght after his draft year,Hinostroza obviously did not -but that is not to say the player I saw play last night couldn't make the NHL and impact if he fot the chance (which he won't) --99% of NHL'ers -including our favourite Blackhawks--are NOT as determined/driven as the kid I saw play last night. THIS ia a reverse "ESPOSITO" (Angelo Esposito whose lack of drive despite talent scouts ascribed to him made me
right away dismiss him when i recognized that lack of desire ) but HINOSTROZA attacks with a fire you can see oozes from every fibre in him --apart from talent-is what will make him a great NHL'er once he gets there.

YOU all know mucomplaint on Kane's slacker performance last year --he showed way too much disinterest far too many games and periods of games last year ,,HE DID SLACK -and did not live up to his own talent ...Many nights one assist and out and he seemed satisfied he had done enough work for the evening . It was disgusting to watch suck lack of desire carried out for so few minutes in a game or even some games not existantat all ..He owes us more than that when hockey returns.

I have NO DOUBT I will ever question HINOSTROZA's desire -but maybe $$$$ will corrupt and counting one's bank account ahead of giving 100% most of the time will eventually corrupt him too-but somehow I do not think so..

With Kane -you could not miss the talent --but the fire to turn on the talent-well you could get by on talent alone at the JR. level --but at the pro level losing the fire inyour fibre produces 66 pts instead of the 88 normally expected in a sleepwalk or the 100+ he should have IF he got motivated ...

Maybe HINOSTROZA could never produce 100 point seasons in the NHL --but NEITHER IS KANE ! MAYBE HINOSTROZA has to work his butt off to ever produce the 66 points KANE gets in his sleep --but somehow I bet he'd ramp up the desire EVEN MORE to get that 66 up into the 80's...

I"m not saying VH has more talent than KANe--I'm saying the TALENT+DESIRE he has WILL provide impact once he gets to the NHL ..

Talent goes a long way-but as we see over and over in the NHL --so does desire..
BUT--nobody who saw the performance VH put on last night could doubt he ALSO posesses a lot of TALENT.
I don't even...

Even for you, this is a stupid post. It's funny that so much of it is about Kane (incl. a reference to his time w/ the Knights)...when this post gives the appearance you've never seen him play before in your life.

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