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Originally Posted by Iain Fyffe View Post
Oh I do - it means that if you don't even try, you have no chance to succeed.

What I'm saying is that it's a poor phrase to use, because if you elect not to take a shot in order to allow another teammate to score instead, that's not a failure. That is, it's not all about you scoring the goal...
No, I think there's a meaning beyond that, a less abstract and more practical meaning. Don't look for the perfect shot, take what's there. That doesn't mean always shoot, it just means shoot when the window is there.

In hockey but other sports as well, you usually have at most 1-2 seconds where you see an opening for a scoring chance. I have myself wasted chances because I was waiting for that sure thing look but by the time I finally wanted to shoot the goalie or defender had closed the opening and I didn't get a decent shot OR a pass to a teammate off.

There's a certain player type that is very hesitant to put the puck on net unless they figure it's a high-percentage shot and quite often they have very low goal totals and sometimes you really gotta tell them: "Well dude you won't score a goal if you don't put the effing puck on net." It's not meant to be advice that tells you: Don't pass the puck, shoot it! But rather it's meant to say: Make a decision NOW, pass or shoot, just don't keep waiting on that can't miss opportunity.

Of course there is some life advice in there, too.

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