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11-14-2012, 10:12 PM
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Originally Posted by departures89 View Post
Ideally the Jays would find a new home for Lind to save salary. Then use that money to spend on a free agent with a little bit more bat power then Davis/Bonifacio/Gose etc.

Any ideas on what Shane Victorino is asking on the open market?

What about Cody Ross? (Just out of spite to the Red Sox)

Or trade for Shin Soo Choo

Or my least favourite, favourite choice Melky Cabrera

SS Reyes
CF Rasmus
RF Bautista
1B Encarnacion
LF Victorino/Ross/Choo/Cabrera

Even if nobody here agrees with who I would like to see in LF, the fact that the Marlins trade makes the Jays biggest concern LF (a position where we could upgrade, but have an abundance of capable players) is just so refreshing.

Also for everyone talking about Josh Johnson leaving the team already, I think everyone needs to just take a deep breath and feel satisfied that we pulled off the heist of a lifetime.
whoever gets to bat 2nd sees a ton of fastballs
i go with Rasmus there as well

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