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11-14-2012, 10:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Pi View Post
I think Rielly is quite a bit ahead of guys like Reinhart, Murray in terms of offensive ability that he can afford to take those risks.

As far as translating to the NHL...without playing a game in the NHL so far, Rielly can skate better than 95% of NHL'ers. Kessel (if he's still around then) is going to love playing with Rielly.

His skating, and his vision are his two most important qualities. He knows how to find guys that are open and he knows how to get open.

I think every elite offensive D takes a lot of risks but that is part and parcel of the game. Erik Karlsson takes a ton of risks but he does a lot more good for his team that it doesn't even matter if he gets burned once or twice.

The only young elite D that I can think of that doesn't take a lot of risks and still manages to play a great offensive game is APie, even then that is based on limited viewings.


Also on a side note Duncan Siemens has been fantastic so far IMO. Blocking shots, shutting down Yakupov along with Murray, playing good on the PK and just playing a very safe game. If he can do that on most nights for the Avalanche and put up some points, he's going to be a keeper.

If he develops well..I think Colorado wins that trade.
I think you're misunderstanding. When I'm talking about him transitioning to the NHL, I'm not talking about his tool box. I'm talking about the way he uses it.

Edit: I also don't think Karlsson is quite as high risk as you're making him out to be. Not one-on-one with a player, anyway.

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