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11-14-2012, 10:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Soundwave View Post
If I was a fan in the US, honestly I'd just drop the NHL for the NFL/NBA and be done with it.

It's got to suck being a hockey fan in the US trying to convince friends and family that the NHL is a worthwhile product and then have both the owners and players slap you in the face like this.

If I was a fringe/casual fan, I'd never come back.
yep. hockey fans will be on par with Affliction t-shirt wearing, UFC yahoos.

Originally Posted by Skraut View Post
That's my frustration... If the owners get everything they want every 7 years when they lock the players out, what incentive do they have to settle a CBA in the offseason to avoid missing games. Just bite the bullet, miss a few games, wait for the NHLPA to cave, and get what you want.

I actually want things to get worse with this lockout. I want the NHLPA to be stronger. I want there to be REAL incentive to sign future CBA's in the offseason so that isn't a lockout or a strike.

I just want hockey. Now, and in the future. But if it takes more pain now for all of them to realize how bad this makes the situation for fans, then by all means, pile on all the pain we can. If it keeps us going through this every time a CBA expires, it is worth it.
there is merit to this view, but do you really think another year off will prevent another work stoppage? it all comes back to a respect for, and the integrity of, your product. these things just don't enter into the picture for either the NHL or PA. it is only dollars and cents. they are completely oblivious to the fact that they are seen as a complete joke.

Originally Posted by Buttonwood View Post
Missing 2 seasons in the last decade, while already being the fourth most popular sport in North America, at best, provides a quick road to becoming irrelevant.

Hope you enjoyed it players, while the NFL and NBA players are playing for relatively less, you've effectively shot yourself in the foot in the short and long term.
completely agree. it is not a guarentee to be doom for the NHL, but another lost season is playing with disaster. how many hardcore Canadian hockey fans have you heard that they will not spend another cent on the NHL if they gas the season? I've heard at least a dozen (myself included). you gotta figure at least a few will make good on their proclaimation, and probably all will spend less then otherwise.

they've lost alot of respect.

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