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Originally Posted by haseoke39 View Post
Yeah, there's simply no way I'm watching NHL hockey at least in the first year after this lockout. I guess you can argue that I'll come back around eventually, but I don't know.

For me, it's this: I hate these players. I can't root for them. They're making far more than the market indicates they should, they're crying about it, they don't understand math, they pose for the media every ten seconds, they make so much money it's almost unconscionable while our country spins deeper and deeper into inequality, they've never worked a real job a day in their lives, got made for life at age 18, don't have the mental attention or focus to understand the actual negotiations going on and yet still want to sit there misinformedly preaching to us about it. They're shallow, stupid, petulant and antagonistic. They're not even fighting for the best deal anymore, everybody knows that deal came and went on November 2, they're fighting for some vague imagined honor thing as though anything about this fight was honorable. They're still fighting because $500M means so little to them that it's more worth it to win the pissing match. I hate them and I have no interest in watching a single one of their whiny ***** skate around while the dumb masses shower them with more money than any of the rest of us would see in a thousand lifetimes. It makes me sick. I have no interest in their ********.
LOL, just so long as you don't take it personally!
I'll bet you're just pissed because, like me, you thought this would be over a long time ago and you're wrong.
As the recipient of a brand new franchise in Winnipeg, it's not about these players or this year for me. They want to sit out, fine with me, so long as the league emerges strong and my team is playing on an even ice surface.
Where I went wrong was in predicting that rationality or greed or any of the motivations that make normal human beings make the right economic decisions would prevail. They haven't, which by itself proves the point that the players make way too much money. It just doesn't matter to them any more, so they make crazy choices and make the rest of us prognosticators look bad. Crosby and his ilk are the worst of the bunch. I actually do not hate them, but they are so out of touch with reality, so convinced of their role as leaders and winners in this game, so under the spell of Fehr and so oblivious to the wise counsel of older, former players who've been through this, that they can't see what they are throwing away.
It's not money I'm referring to, it's that magical, physical gift that is slipping away by the day and will never come back. Some, maybe most of 'em won't miss the money, but, man will they miss the talent when it melts away.

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