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Originally Posted by Trap Jesus View Post
Pick 2:

Trent Richardson at Dallas
Larry Fitzgerald at Atlanta
Randall Cobb at Detroit
Miles Austin vs. Cleveland
Michael Crabtree vs. Chicago

Richardson is pretty much a guarantee but I'm not sure which WR to start.
Nice options there. Agreed, TRich is a no-brainer. I really feel like Cobb's just been too good lately to sit, so I'd go with him.

Originally Posted by flyersfan187 View Post
I would go with Fitz as the number 2. Only because they will have to score a lot to keep up with Atlanta. Cobb could have a good game, but I am a Lions fan so I am hoping he gets shut down!

Newton vs TB or Romo vs Cleveland? Both have good match ups so it is a difficult choice.
Cam's been disappointing this year, but Romo's been considerably worse. Cam's been better and has the better matchup, I'd go with him.

Originally Posted by nyr2k2 View Post
Starting QB:
Matthew Stafford vs. Green Bay
Josh Freeman at Carolina
I know Freeman's been real good lately but Stafford is still a top tier guy. Matchups are similar so I'd go with Stafford.

Pick two WR:
Dwayne Bowe vs. Cincinnati
Vincent Jackson at Carolina
James Jones at Detroit
Lance Moore at Oakland

Also have Welker but he's a given.
VJax is the best of the bunch. Even with Jordy back I'd still go Jones. Moore hasn't been great lately, and it's just tough to count on Bowe right now when you have solid options.

Originally Posted by Clarkson Falls Down View Post
Freeman or Cam, playing each other.

Cam has been terrible but the Bucs have a bad pass D. Or do I play Freeman and ride a hot hand (just traded for him).
Cam's been so mediocre lately I think you gotta go with Freeman here. As you mentioned, he's been hot.

Originally Posted by TheMurdocktor View Post
Matt Schaub or Cam Newton?
Bears D or Broncos D?
Cam no question. Schaub is very mediocre. Great D options there. I know it's tough to sit the Bears but Rivers is a turnover machine, and SD's pretty bad, so I'd go with Denver. Not to mention the Chargers have surrendered far more points to defenses than the Niners this year.

Pick One:
DeSean Jackson
Anquan Boldin
Jeremy Kerley (currently have him in)
I know DJax has an unproven QB throwing him the ball, but he's considerably better than the other two guys, so I'd still roll with him.

Pick Two:
Stevie Johnson
Randall Cobb
Dwayne Bowe
Cobb is a must of these three. Stevie's been relatively steady but very unspectacular this year. Bowe's been terrible lately but just has more upside. I'd give him the slight edge (I'm a sucker for upside though).

Originally Posted by Bob Richards View Post
Pick 2:
James Jones vs. Detroit
DeSean Jackson vs. Washington
Dwayne Bowe vs. Cincy
Steve Smith vs. Tampa
I'd rank them Smith, Jones, DJax, Bowe.

Originally Posted by abnormal View Post
Julio Jones (ATL) vs. Arizona
Brandon Marshall (CHI) at San Francisco
Tough to sit Marshall but with no Cutler and in SF it's just not the greatest of circumstances. I believe Julio missed practice today, but as long as he's healthy Sunday I'd go with him.

Houston Texans vs. Jacksonville
Chicago Bears vs. San Francisco
Boy talk about great options. I'm with you, I think you gotta go Houston based on the matchup.

Originally Posted by Richie to Brownie View Post
Lance Moore vs. Oakland or Brian Hartline vs. Buffalo?
Don't love either, but I really don't love Hartline. I'd go Moore. (PPR I'd give Hartline the edge).

Also Luck vs. the Pats or Flacco vs. Pittsburgh?
Definitely Luck. Flacco has been terrible on the road this year.

Originally Posted by Leafs at Knight View Post
2 of : Matt Forte , Reggie Bush , Steven Jackson, Felix Jones

1 of : Lance Moore, Desean Jackson . ( Can also use on of the names above if better option).
Forte for sure (yes even against the Niners D). Aside from the Cards (who essentially don't have a RB) RBs have scored pretty well against the Niners over the past 5 weeks. I have a feeling Bush has a big game after the benching for the fumble, so I like him this week. Then I'd go Felix over DJax. Starting RB with a good matchup vs. an underperforming WR2 with a new QB.

Originally Posted by Kronwalled55 View Post
Starting Daniel Thomas and Felix Jones this week. YOLO
By the looks of the team you're playing I think you'll still be in pretty good shape.

Originally Posted by TLinden16 View Post
Newton vs TB
Luck @ NE
Newton's been very mediocre lately. Pats secondary is very ordinary. I'd go with Luck.

Originally Posted by Leafs at Knight View Post
NE vs. IND
This one's close. Pats D has scored considerably more than Miami this year (they've only had one bad week all year), but the Bills give up considerably more points to Ds than the Colts. Essentially a coin flip, I'd go with the higher scoring D so I'd say the Pats.

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