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11-14-2012, 10:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Shadyone33 View Post
I agree with you there. I remember when my brother and I started watching the PPV's, it would pretty much be one every other month. It's now at a point where you are LUCKY if there are 2 good fights per card. I keep thinking about the Hendo vs. Jones PPV that was cancelled and if there was even ONE other good fight on that card they wouldn't have had to cancel the entire PPV. If it were a few years ago the card would have carried on but for the most part the cards are too thin now.

Silva vs. GSP, don't want to see it because it would be too much of a mismatch. I heard at first that Silva would is going to be there on Saturday and was going to call GSP out but in an interview this week he said he would not be there to call out GSP. Thank God because I find it so tacky when fighters put up that staged garbage to hype up the next fight!

Oh, and another thing. I hope GSP wins as well. I just want him to win the fight without re-injuring his knee and I want to see if he's lost explosiveness in his takedowns due to the injury.
Silva said he'll be there, but that he won't call out GSP, it just won't happen. Not surprised, it's really not his style. He also said he won't fight again until late 2013.

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