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11-14-2012, 11:08 PM
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Originally Posted by DisgruntledGoat View Post
Thats part of it but not everything. Players are cookie-cutter now. Everyones disciplined. Everyone plays some defense. Everyone is commited to the team system. Theres little individuality or flair.

I miss the days of a Wendel Clark scoring a goal and then beating up an enforcer. Or a Fleury scoring, agitating, then losing his mind and getting a game misconduct over nothing. Or a Bure playing a beautiful, individualistic game. Or a Shanahan or a Neely scoring 50 and getting 200 PIMs and being celebrated for it, not chastised for hurting the team.

Sigh... I feel old.
excellent post - also, feeling old now. thanks.

I'd say the 80s game was far more entertaining, across the board.

Too much of today's game is about wasting time by dump-chase-cycle, skate hard and come off, rinse & repeat.

Creativity is coached out of players who play to the system.

There aren't many players who are so skilled that they are given free reign on the ice. The 80s seemed to have more of them.

And the points in earlier posts are well made. The gigantic goalie equipment combined with the propensity for ties leads to boring, risk-averse hockey. Back to my point about wasting time in the first 60min.

Originally Posted by isles52480 View Post
It certainly was from an Islanders fan perspective.
well put. very well put!

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