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11-14-2012, 11:20 PM
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I have an idea that doesn't have keepers whatsoever based on the nature of it.

Run two leagues to start, both with an equal number of teams.

After the first year, create two new leagues. In one league, throw the top half of teams based on performance from each initial league. Put the rest in the second league.

Run through the season and do a relegation/promotion style. Say...the top two teams from the lower league replace the bottom two teams from the higher league in the following year.

Repeat each year.

The main reason behind this is because I see a lot of extra people who seem interested (myself included) beyond just those already in the HF league. Doing this would probably keep the interest up and prevent people from ignoring their teams.

Yes/No? Should we just keep two separate leagues with keepers?

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