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11-14-2012, 11:30 PM
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Originally Posted by RGY View Post
Where is there an overreaction? Where? It's simply reality. You can't have a lockout every 8 years. And you can't lose whole seasons over it. What kind of "league" is that? The answer you're looking for is, there isn't a "league." When you don't have games you are not a league. Yes this is a business but their is no business without the games and the players. You lose another whole season, and the owners that did not support this lockout or at least to the degree that others are, will collect themselves and start a new league. You want to know why? Because those owners lost millions when they didn't want to. The big ticket teams will form their own league and they will get people to show up because they are in "hockey towns."

Like allkurtz was saying above the EPL has only been around since 1992 and it one of, if not, the most popular leagues in the world. You don't think that could happen to hockey in the US? Based on what? You don't think sponsors and tv contracts would surface for a new league? I sure as hell know they would; because it's simple, they would actually make money off of a league that is up and running and not shutdown at a stalemate. At a stalemate because smaller market teams are not as profitable, other than Jeremy Jacobs who is a real jerk off. And those smaller market teams are poorly located and were expanded to by a commissioner who does not have a clue. And no one can fire him because of previous rules that have been put in place which protect him from getting taken off the throne. Bettman's answer for revenue problems is always to lockout the players. This time it is even worse because it was a cba, HE CREATED, that HE has deemed is not working. This is HIS fault. NOT the players. Don't go after the players for wanting their contracts guaranteed because these owners, who have no self control, want an out clause.

It is time for change. The sport is a laughing stock. Players are underpaid for their value as it is compared to other sports. Crosby makes around $8 million a year for an 82 game season. The highest paid players in baseball make around 25-30 million a year over a 162 game season. Cut the MLB number in half and you're at 12-15 million. Now of course hockey isn't as popular as baseball but you don't think guys like crosby shouldn't be making at least $10 million? I do, I really do believe that is fair value. But he doesn't get that playing professional hockey in the NHL. And he's probably not crying over it, but now his salary has to be reduced even further because the owners want more back? It is ridiculous. I don't blame the players. I can't. The single idea that the players can't have their contracts guaranteed is unfathomable. The fact that they have to give back more because the NHL out kicked it's coverage by expanding to warm climate areas that aren't hockey hotbeds is not the players fault. And you could say well the players are giving back for the good of the game to help make smaller market teams more profitable as well as help fellow players keep their jobs. Well those teams shouldn't exist. They shouldn't. And it's all grand that 200 more players have work (thats about 4 teams and their AHL teams) but it thins out the talent pool in the NHL. More 4th line players that shouldn't be in the NHL. Less talent depth on 3rd and 4th lines. I'd rather have had less teams and more talent to watch. More excitement. But because Bettman has dug himself this deep there is no going back now. He is going to protect his babies/pet projects. And unfortunately he has to because how could you shutdown those organizations now? You can't do that to the fans and players of those teams at this point. You lose another season, this league won't be around anymore. And I hope Dolan is first on board to take the New York Rangers into a new league.
Actually there is a financial reason why the NHL will not consider reducing the number of teams in the league: the league would have to refund the entry fee of the team being removed. I don't remember the going rate in the latest round of expansion but it's a significant amount of money. The best one can hope for is moving failing franchises to cities where they have a better chance of thriving. Either way (contraction or relocation) the "real" fan loses.

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